A professional portfolio that you can customize to your own beliefs

Your Werthstein portfolio consists of a base portfolio that we continuously adjust to market conditions, and Zeitgeist investments which you can choose to replace part of your base portfolio. Our technology ensures that your portfolio remains always on the risk level you feel comfortable with.

Invest in Zeitgeists

Zeitgeist investments are what makes investing with Werthstein special: Trends made easily investible for you.

Let the experts inform you

We keep you updated with current news and opinions of the Werthstein Institute’s independent experts regarding market developments and Werthstein Zeitgeists.

Typical cost of investing 75,000€
Retail Banking
1,920€ p.a.
750€ p.a.
Typical cost of investing 500,000€
Private Banking
10,750€ p.a.
3,000€ p.a.

Reduce costs

Digital wealth management with Werthstein is not only much more convenient and literally guarantees you a professionally balanced investment portfolio – it is also much cheaper than traditional alternatives. Start investing with Werthstein today.

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