Bitcoin – What’s behind the hype of the year?

Anyone who invested in the German “New Market” when it was booming will remember that it was the only topic in the taxi or at the hairdresser. And now, hardly a day goes by without Bitcoin making headlines. 30 percent up in one day, then 20 percent down in one hour. The bottom line is a rise this year of over 1,500 percent.

Many are asking: is it essential to invest your money in cryptocurrency now? Is there more than pure speculation behind the Bitcoin hype? In the new Index Update, our experts from the Werthstein Institute explain in five minutes what you need to know about this topic and whether it pays to be part of the speculation of the year.

In addition to the big topic of Bitcoin, of course, we also look at the current situation in the stock markets. Can the DAX and the Dow continue to rise, or is all the good news in the markets, and they are priced to perfection? You’ll get the answer in the video!

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