Easter Special – Now become a client and enjoy champagne!

The management and the entire Werthstein team wish you and your family a merry Easter and relaxing holidays! And we have hidden three eggs with surprises for you:

Surprise 1: We have changed our pricing model – in your favour, of course! From now on, we charge a total fee of only 0.85% per annum on investments up to 100,000 euros, and only 0.35% on any balance above that level. This charge includes all fees for asset management by Werthstein and all bank charges for account and deposit management, as well as all securities transactions within the scope of normal use.


Surprise 2: From now on you will receive from us a proper individual asset management service, which you can tailor according to your ideas, starting from an investment amount of 20,000 euros. Thus, we are the only digital asset manager that offers you the opportunity to invest in exciting Zeitgeist topics, even for smaller investment amounts. Many of these consist of direct investments in ten to twenty selected stocks. For this part of your portfolio, this means: no third party costs for ETFs or investment funds!


Surprise 3: As with our exclusive Zeitgeist investments, we have been looking for a very special champagne for you that you will not get anywhere else. We will give you a bottle of the limited edition “Guerdon Champagne” if you register for Werthstein by Wednesday, 04. April 2018 at the latest. *



Do you already have a virtual Werthstein Thoughts account? If so, do not start at zero when opening an account! We have already prepared everything for an upgrade to Werthstein Invest. In your Thoughts profile, you’ll be taken to the account opening with one click, where we’ll need extra data from you. Log in now and enjoy champagne!

If you are not yet a customer of Werthstein, we look forward to your account opening and you enjoy your champagne! Open an account now!

* Account registration at for our asset management Werthstein Invest from now until Wednesday, April 4, 2018, at 12pm. Receipt of payment by 30 April 2018 at the latest, shipping after receipt of payment. Shipping only to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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