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With Werthstein you easily manage your wealth in a professionally balanced portfolio that reflects your own ideas.

Building your personal portfolio is as easy as answering two questions. And we help you with that.

Question 1

Which risk level do you feel comfortable with?

Once you have joined Werthstein, we will ask you to assess how much investment risk you are comfortable bearing. You can choose from five risk categories that we use as guidelines to build your portfolio.

The amount you want to invest is at first allocated in a “base portfolio” according to your chosen risk level. This base portfolio distributes the investment in a range of global stocks and bonds that are adapted to current market conditions by the Werthstein portfolio-management team – without any effort required on your part.

Question 2

Which zeitgeists do you want to follow?

As soon as your account is opened and your assets are available in the base portfolio, you can explore, analyse and invest in so-called Zeitgeists, tailoring your portfolio to your personal interests and needs. Zeitgeists are current economic, technological or social trends that we consider to be attractive investment opportunities. See ”How are Zeitgeists created?”.

The selection of Zeitgeist-investments is a unique way to create a portfolio according to your expectations while keeping the associated risk diversified. It eliminates the need from your part to go through the process of analysing dozens or even hundreds of financial products and deciding which ones to buy. Werthstein’s portfolio management carries this tedious detail-work out for you. Our technology ensures that, when adding a Zeitgeist to your portfolio, you still remain at the risk level you are comfortable with.

Stay informed

Werthstein keeps up to date on the investment topics you are interested in, provided by professionals at the level of detail you need to feel comfortable with your decisions.

We give the professionals of the Werthstein Institute a stage to explain the most important market developments in short videos on We also have detailed stories on Zeitgeist investments, if you want to know more. If you need even more detail, subscribers can dive deep into a Zeitgeist and review the financial instruments it contains and how we selected these.

To ensure that you are not left alone with your investment decisions, we monitor your assets and inform you when – in our view – it could make sense to sell certain Zeitgeists and add others to your portfolio. We publish the personal opinions of our independent Werthstein Institute experts on the markets and our Zeitgeists in short videos in the news section of

You can always explore new Zeitgeists and track and manage your investments on your smartphone or computer.

Low fees

For asset management and all bank fees including all transaction fees during normal usage.
No up-front fees, no kick-backs.
Only 0.85% per year
For investment amounts between
20,000 und 100,000 Euros
Only 0.35% per year
For incremental investment amounts
above 100,000 Euros

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How much does it cost?

You can invest with Werthstein for a flat fee of 0.85% per year for investment amounts up to 100,000€.

For amounts above 100,000€, the fee is only 0.35% per year.

This covers our investment management fee as well as account fees, custody fees, and transaction fees charged by our partner bank.

This way you benefit from institutional level pricing offered by Baader Bank AG for our clients under normal usage conditions.

The minimum investment value at Werthstein is 20,000 €.

What is unique about Werthstein?

Werthstein is unique in three key aspects:

        1. Werthstein makes unique investments via stock baskets possible. If it is not possible to invest in a specific Zeitgeist through index funds (ETFs), Werthstein creates a stock basket of 10-20 stocks that you can directly invest in. Traditional pricing models often include a minimum fee for each traded instrument, so that buying 10-20 stocks at smaller volumes becomes far too expensive. This results in investors often buying only one or two stocks, sacrificing risk diversification – which considerably deteriorates the quality of the portfolio.Directly investing in stock baskets has the additional advantage of not incurring any fund management fees charged by investment funds, ETFs or basket certificates. Stock baskets allow Werthstein to make trends investable that you will not find in a similarly focused way at any other asset manager.



      1. Werthstein offers strong and independent content. Werthstein informs you about financial markets and investment opportunities with the highest journalistic quality. Since it makes no financial difference to us whether you decide to invest in a Zeitgeist or not, we can truly call our approach journalistic. Our objective is to give you access to independent opinions of experts about the state of the financial markets and potential investment ideas.That’s why Werthstein’s Zeitgeist articles do not read like sales brochures and our videos are not like advertisements. We present the pro and contra and a diversity of expert opinions. We keep you up to date and accompany your Zeitgeist-investments over their life span with our reporting.
      2. Werthstein is modern, digital, and simple. You can access your portfolio any time on your smartphone or computer. You can track how your whole portfolio and single Zeitgeists develop over time and make changes to your investment strategy with a few clicks.We present your portfolio quite differently from traditional providers: easy to understand. Your Werthstein portfolio is structured by the Zeitgeists that you chose to invest in. These are much more meaningful to you than any list of ETFs and stocks of specialised corporations that you may never have even heard of. If you want to know these details, they are accessible with a single click.


What is a Zeitgeist?

A Werthstein Zeitgeist describes an economic, technological or social trend that offers an attractive investment opportunity in the capital markets.

Zeitgeist investments are a simple way to participate in these investment trends with limited effort. Werthstein’s Zeitgeists are not only descriptions of growth trends; they also contain an optimal set of financial instruments that you can invest in to profit from this trend. Typically, our Zeitgeists are constructed using a selection of ETFs or individual stocks, carefully selected by our portfolio management team.

You can find our current Werthstein Zeitgeists here.


How are Zeitgeists created?

To be considered a Zeitgeist, an economic, technological or social trend must meet certain criteria.

First, we look for evidence that the trend can deliver sustainable above-average performance. Once evidence has been found, our portfolio managers explore the trend to find the right financial instruments and products:

  1. In a first step, the ability to invest in the trend through the financial markets is analyzed. Often there is an interesting trend with high growth rates, but where the main players do not participate in the stock markets.
  2. The second step is the selection of the best fitting instruments. Each instrument we consider must go through a number of quality checks before it can be incorporated into a Zeitgeist portfolio. We consider all capital market products such as stocks, bonds, ETFs and in exceptional cases actively managed investment funds.
  3. In a third step, we decide on the right combination of the chosen financial instruments. The relative weights (allocations) of the financial instruments are determined on the basis of risk optimization and congruency to the Zeitgeist.

All Werthstein Zeitgeists are carefully reevaluated monthly. In the case of considerable deviations, we reconsider the weights of the single instruments to rebalance the portfolio – without you having to take care of it personally. We also decide whether the Zeitgeist develops according to our expectations, and decide when it is best to sell a Zeitgeist or switch it into another one. One example is to cash in on a trend that has performed well. It is also possible that a trend has not developed as expected – we also inform you in this case to protect you from further losses.

What is the Werthstein Institute?

The Werthstein Institute is a group of experts that are completely independent of Werthstein and Werthstein’s portfolio management. Its objective is to provide a platform where a range of diverse expert opinions can be presented. It is meant to support our clients in making reasonable investment decisions.

The members of the Werthstein Institute are noted experts with decade-long experience in investment management and capital markets. They are independent and express their personal opinions in their contributions. You can find an overview of the current Werthstein Institute members here.

What is the Werthstein Index?

The Werthstein Index is a lively representation of the Werthstein Institute’s market opinion. It expresses the individual voting members’ expectations for the development of global stock markets over a time horizon of up to three months, as the average of their votes on a scale from 1 (extremely negative) to 10 (extremely positive).

Challenging our experts to reduce the wealth of available complex information into one single number every month is our way to provide orientation, particularly to viewers who do not follow the capital markets every day.

A summary of the expert discussion and the value of the Werthstein Index can be found every month in the form of a video in our news section.


What about security?

Security concerns both the safekeeping of your assets and the privacy of you data.

At Werthstein, the safekeeping of your assets is quite traditional: you open your personal custody account at Baader Bank AG, where your assets are protected by the German government’s and additionally the German Banking Association’s deposit protection schemes. The securities in your custody account are kept completely separate and safe.

What’s more, Baader Bank AG does not accept money transfers from your Baader Bank account to any other bank account except the reference account you give to us during account opening.

Your data is securely stored in the worldwide Azure data centers owned and operated by Microsoft Inc., deploying the highest technical safety standards.

You can find more detailed information on our dedicated Security page.

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