New Zeitgeist Challenge: 3D Printing vs. Virtual Reality

What was your favorite present for Christmas last year? The latest glasses to play Virtual Reality games on the smartphone, or the 3D printer for home use to create the missing Lego brick itself? In the economy these two digital technologies are currently in high demand.

We are pleased to present the debate over the merits of these two investment themes — the Zeitgeist Challenge — in a completely new video format.  These two ideas were chosen by the Werthstein Institute as the leading contenders from a longer list, and in the Challenge you can see members of the Werthstein Institute set out the arguments for and against each idea, and then vote to choose their favourite.

Which Zeitgeist is most credible as an actual investment prospect? That’s what matters in the race to win our Zeitgeist Challenge – and the winner gets its own new attractive video, including facts and figures and exciting infographics.

The winner is…?!



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