New Zeitgeist Challenge: Gold vs. Cyber Security

First Hillary Clinton’s emails, then the entire US election and the surprising victory of Donald Trump – did hackers actually play a role? The growing number of attacks across the internet mean increasing demand for the services of cybersecurity providers. But is it now the time to invest? Or might gold be a better way to get security in an uncertain world?  But how can an investment already widely used in the Roman Empire become a Zeitgeist, 2000 years later?

We are pleased to present the new Zeitgeist Challenge between two very different investment ideas, linked by the common theme of security. These two ideas were chosen by the Werthstein Institute as the leading contenders from a longer list, and in the Challenge you can see members of the Werthstein Institute set out the arguments for and against each idea, and then vote to choose their favorite.

Which Zeitgeist is most credible as an actual investment prospect? That’s what matters in the race to win our Zeitgeist Challenge – and the winner gets its own new attractive video, including facts and figures and exciting infographics.

The winner is…?!

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