Launch of Roboadvisor with Sex Appeal

Former Credit Suisse top bankers are poised to launch a new digital wealth manager, finews.asia has learned. The business model is unusual and – for once – truly innovative. Zurich’s Beethovenstrasse is home to a new roboadvisor called Werthstein. The founders behind the project are well-known former Swiss bankers, finews.asia has learned.

Bastian Lossen, Credit Suisse’s long-time marketing head, is co-founder and chief executive of Werthstein. Giles Keating, prominent former Credit Suisse research head who departed in June after more than 30 years, is on the new firm’s board.

Felix Roescheisen, until June head of sales management in retail and private banking at Hypovereinsbank, is also a Werthstein founder.

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