Werthstein Thoughts

Werthstein Thoughts is our virtual product and great to try us out!

Check out our Zeitgeist investments without investing actual money. Learn how we build Zeitgeists and manage your own virtual portfolio.


Feel free to execute investments with your own bank or broker, but don’t forget to compare the fees you will be charged with the bank fees offered when you sign up to Werthstein Invest.


  • Manage your own virtual portfolio with our base portfolio and the Zeitgeists you choose
  • Stay up to date with our monthly Werthstein letter

Werthstein Invest

Werthstein Invest is our digital wealth management product.

Experience how easy and exciting investing can be with our Zeitgeists!


With Werthstein Invest, you manage your investments on the institutional brokerage and trading platform of Baader Bank AG.


  • Experience our unique subscription pricing: 57€ per month for our wealth management services independent of your investment amount
  • Invest into Zeitgeists with one click
  • Benefit from Baader Bank’s institutional-level pricing of 0,25% p.a. custody fee including all transaction fees at normal usage
  • Stay up to date with our monthly Werthstein letter
Now available!

Werthstein InvestPlus

Werthstein InvestPlus lets you manage up to five portfolios at the same time.

You can use this to build portfolios with different risk levels and individual zeitgeist compositions for various investment objectives, all integrated into a single Werthstein account.


Werthstein InvestPlus also utilizes a Baader Bank custody account at the same pricing as Werthstein Invest and will also be available with Werthstein’s unique subscription pricing.


  • Benefit from all the advantages of Werthstein Invest
  • Manage up to five portfolios at the same time
  • Stay up to date with our monthly Werthstein letter

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