Becoming a Werthstein client is easy and can be done completely online

Account opening takes just a few minutes

Ready to start? Please make sure you have the following information at hand:
Your bank account

We will ask you for a reference bank account with a EU or Swiss bank.

Your tax identification number

We will need the unique reference number by which your tax authority identifies you. Each country has a different way of assigning these so-called tax identification numbers. You can find a description for each EU country here. Swiss clients use their AHV number.

Passport or ID

Click here for a list documents eligible for online identification.

All-in fee max. 0.85% per year
0.35% for investments above 100,000€

All-in fee covers our investment management fee as well as account fees, custody fees, and transaction fees for normal usage.
Minimum investment 20,000€.

A note to clients banking in Switzerland
Swiss banks are not legally required to participate in the EU payment system SEPA. While most are able to accept SEPA direct debits, their clients typically need to authorize their bank to participate in the SEPA direct debit system. Please contact your bank to make sure that we can direct debit your Swiss bank account via SEPA direct debit before you register. Contact us at if you have any questions.