Werthstein keeps your wealth and private data safe

Werthstein is a digital wealth manager. To ensure your security, the safekeeping of your assets and the confidentiality of your data are key factors. For this reason, Werthstein works with two renowned partners who guarantee the highest quality and security standards: Baader Bank AG and Microsoft Inc.

Your security benefits summarized

Your assets are safeguarded in a custody account under your name at Baader Bank AG, established in 1983.

Cash deposits are insured by the German government deposit protection scheme up to €100,000 and beyond that by the German Banking Association scheme.

Your data is securely stored in the Microsoft’s cloud data centre which has some of the highest security in the world.


As a provider of managed accounts based in Germany, Werthstein is not allowed under any circumstances to take possession of your assets. We are required to manage your assets in a securities account under your own name at an independent custodian.

Baader Bank AG

Baader Bank AG is a German bank specializing in institutional clients and brokerage. Custody regulations and deposit insurance schemes mandated by law and the German Banking Association (BdB) apply.

Microsoft Inc.

Your data is safely kept in the Microsoft Azure Cloud according to the highest professional security standards as recommended by the German Bundesamts für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) and international ISO certifications standards.

It is your money

When you decide to invest with Werthstein, actually none of your assets are transferred to us – you merely give us permission to make investment decisions on your behalf in a specific custody account owned by you. All investment decisions strictly adhere to the guidelines you set on the Werthstein platform.


Baader Bank AG is in charge of safekeeping the assets for all of Werthstein’s clients. As a wealth manager, we are never allowed to take possession of client assets. This regulatory aspect is strongly enforced in Germany.


To protect your assets even further, we have developed an additional safety mechanism: Baader Bank will only accept deposits and withdrawals to and from your so-called reference account – this is typically your main bank account.

Your assets are stored securely

Baader Bank AG is one of the leading banks in securities-related services for institutional clients and investment banking in the German-speaking countries. At exchanges in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Baader Bank AG trades over 800 000 financial instruments. As an independent provider of capital market services, Baader Bank manages IPOs and corporate actions for corporate clients and provides access to international investors.


Werthstein has decided to work with Baader Bank because of their broad service offering in securities trading, both over-the-counter and through exchanges, as well as in clearing and settlement. High IT, quality, and security standards and the complete product offering – from order processing to managing accounts and deposits for private clients – make Baader Bank AG an ideal partner for Werthstein.


The excellent market position of Baader Bank is frequently evidenced by numerous awards for excellence in stock brokerage. For example, Baader Bank won first place in the important segments Germany: Equity Sales, Germany: Trading/Execution and Germany: Small & Mid Caps Trading/Execution of the Extel Survey 2016 for the second year in a row.


Your securities account is always separated from the bank’s accounts, which means that your assets remain protected even in the case of insolvency of Werthstein or Baader Bank. Your cash account at Baader Bank is protected by the German government’s Compensation Fund for German Banks for sums up to 100 000 Euro. Furthermore, Baader Bank is a member of the deposit insurance scheme of the German Banking Association (BdB), which guarantees protection for assets with value of up to 20 percent of the bank’s equity capital.

A safe pair of hands for your data

Werthstein uses Microsoft’s Azure data center and benefits from state-of-the-art infrastructure technology of one of the world’s leading IT-providers, ensuring maximal security for Werthstein’s infrastructure and your personal data. Our security is built on the following pillars:


Internal Processes

Werthstein has implemented controls to satisfy all relevant IT security and data protection requirements. These include access restrictions and data security policies.


Infrastructure Protection

Microsoft’s Azure data centers are physically protected against break-ins, power and network failures and designed for uninterrupted 24x7x365-service. They are certified by the international ISO 27001 standard, compliant with the guidelines of the German Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI).


  • Security staff around the clock
  • Facility setback requirements
  • Barriers
  • Fencing


  • Alarms
  • Security operations center
  • Seismic bracing
  • Security cameras

Computer room

  • Two-factor access control: Biometric and card readers
  • Cameras
  • Days of backup power

Network Protection

Werthstein’s client data is logically isolated from other data in the cloud. Only Werthstein and Werthstein’s clients can access their data.


Data Protection

Werthstein uses data protection infrastructure from Azure to ensure your data is safe at rest, and safe in transit. We use encryption to make sure your data and your assets stay safe at all times.


Authentication and Access Control

Microsoft has strict control processes in place aimed at ensuring that only a handful of employees have access to data stored in Azure. These include multifactor authentication as well as access monitoring and logging. Werthstein uses similar procedures to restrict and monitor access by its employees.


Data Ownership

Werthstein has, at all times, control and ownership of all data stored in Azure. This includes control over the localization of physical storage. Werthstein has instructed Microsoft to store all client data in the European Union where it is protected by EU data protection rules.



Microsoft Azure is compliant with all relevant international standards, including those set by the German Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI), specifically ISO 27001 and the ISO/IEC 27018 norm which regulates the processing of personal data by cloud service providers.

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