Werthstein launches digital wealth management in Germany

  • Investing with Zeitgeists in future trends
  • High-quality information offered by independent experts
  • Close partnership with Baader Bank
  • Low costs due to unique and innovative pricing model

Munich, 11.01.2018. The digital wealth manager Werthstein GmbH (Munich) starts business in Germany today. Werthstein combines the advantages of a robo-advisor with an offering of high-quality information and a wide range of investment opportunities for clients. The custodian bank is Baader Bank AG, Unterschleissheim. Bastian Lossen, CEO of the parent company Werthstein AG in Zurich, says: “We are delighted to now be on the market in Germany. Our approach combines the best of two investment worlds: the rigour of modern robo-technology and the assessments of seasoned experts and portfolio managers who are tracking new economic trends and making them investable. We believe that this offering will optimally meet our clients’ expectations for modern, simple, affordable and secure wealth management.”

Technology, human expertise and high-quality information

Wealth management with Werthstein is simple. Clients specify the direction in which they want to invest without having to worry about the details of the implementation. Werthstein takes care of the individual investment decisions within the client’s specifications as well as the daily monitoring of the portfolio.

At the click of a mouse, the client can set up a broadly diversified basic portfolio and select individual Werthstein Zeitgeists. The use of state-of-the-art technology ensures that the portfolio always remains in line with the investors’ appetite for risk. Zeitgeists are economic, technological or social trends that open up attractive investment opportunities. Werthstein currently offers around 15 Zeitgeists, which are composed of shares or suitable funds. Werthsteins in-house portfolio management develops Zeitgeists, reviews them regularly and adjusts the composition as needed. The exact weighting is transparent to the client at all times. also serves as a platform for the expert opinions of the Werthstein Institute. The Institute consists of independent experts from international banks and asset managers who regularly provide their personal assessments of the development of capital markets and current investment trends. Giles Keating, head of the Werthstein Institute and former Chief Economist and Deputy Global Chief Investment Officer at Credit Suisse, said, “We provide investors with tangible content that they can truly capitalise on in their investments. To do this, we create journalistic videos and articles in which we explain our personal views on market developments and Zeitgeists.”

Werthstein offers access to the opinions of outstanding investment professionals and the opportunity to individually customise wealth management. Up to now, this service was only available to investors with investment amounts in the millions.

Cooperation with Baader Bank

Werthstein works closely with Baader Bank AG, Unterschleissheim, as its custodian bank. “We are pleased to be able to support our partner Werthstein in the development of its innovative online asset management,” explains Oliver Riedel, member of the Baader Bank Board of Directors. “The cooperation strengthens the expansion of the Banking Services business field, which is of great strategic importance for Baader Bank. As a modern service provider for traditional and digital asset managers, we offer the entire product range with the goal of continued growth in the securities account business,” continues Oliver Riedel.

Felix Roescheisen, Chief Representative of Werthstein GmbH, Munich, adds: “Our partnership with Baader Bank is critical for our business. As an investment bank with a full banking licence, a securities trading focus and as a technology leader for digital banking services, Baader Bank is the ideal bank for providing account-holding and depository services to our customers in Germany. Our relationship with Baader Bank over the past months has been extremely professional and cooperative, and we are now looking forward to working together in the future.”

Unique and innovative pricing model

Werthstein is attractive for many investor groups because of its unique pricing model. For “Werthstein Invest”, the standard offering for clients, Werthstein charges a monthly portfolio management fee of 57 euros, regardless of the investment volume, number of transactions or financial instruments selected. Baader Bank charges a flat fee of 0.25% p.a. of the investment volume for custody services and transactions within normal usage. Overall, this is well below competitors’ costs. For an investment of 75,000 euros, Werthsteins wealth management only costs about half as compared to a standard branch bank, and less than a third for an investment of 500,000 euros.

A virtual offer for clients who first want to try out the Werthstein offer is “Werthstein Thoughts”. Clients have access to all functionalities and can create a virtual portfolio without investing money. This offer is currently free of charge.

Werthstein GmbH holds the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) licence for wealth management in accordance with §32 German Banking Act (KWG).

About Werthstein

Werthstein AG (Zurich) operates a digital wealth manager based in Munich, namely its wholly-owned subsidiary, Werthstein GmbH. Werthstein AG was founded in 2016 by Giles Keating, Bastian Lossen and Felix Röscheisen. All three have many years of management experience at international banks. Werthstein offers clients the opportunity to invest in an individual investment portfolio that is widely diversified with regard to risk aspects. Investment opportunities in current economic, technological or social trends, referred to as Zeitgeists, play a special role in this. Werthstein focuses on providing comprehensive information for clients. The Werthstein Institute, an independent body of renowned economists and investment experts, discusses investment ideas in professionally prepared articles and videos.

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